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The Essential Strategy to Maximizing Your Benefits.

Savvy Social Security Strategies

Social Security benefits can be a complex thing to understand. Different people have different needs and goals, but there are ways you can optimize your Social Security income for each unique person with our consulting services. Our professional guidance will help you decide when is the best time to begin receiving these benefits as well as provide other useful information for all aspects of retirement planning during this pivotal point in life!

Medicare Consultations

Tabitha Justice likes to tell her clients that today’s Medicare choices are nothing like the choices that our grandparents had. When our Grandparents first went on Medicare, they only had a choice of 11 options, but today’s Medicare beneficiary has an average of 70 options. While our grandparents had to choose from national all-inclusive Medicare plans, today’s Medicare beneficiaries must worry about networks and limited drug coverage. This makes it even more important to work with an expert in Medicare and to really understand all the pros and cons of the different available options. Tabitha is a firm believer that there is no perfect Medicare plan and that an educational approach to Medicare is the only way to feel confident and comfortable with the complexity of available options. Tabitha is known for her kindness and her ability to make confusing options easy to understand.

Tabitha describes the increasing complexity on Medicare and why it’s important to work with an expert. Todays Medicare options are nothing like your Grandma’s options! 

Did you know your part B premium for Medicare is based completely off of income. Here Tabitha describes programs to cover the cost of part B.

Social Security Consultations

More than 90% of Social Security recipients do not maximize their benefits because they do not understand all their options. Continual cutbacks have been made to the Social Security program and it has left the program understaffed and under trained. Even worse, Social Security staff is not allowed to give advice or even tell a beneficiary if their choice is the best choice for them. This leaves beneficiaries with the responsibility of studying, on their own, all the thousands of complex rules and filing options. Furthermore, if a beneficiary makes a wrong decision, it could be impossible to change it. 

Tabitha Justice saw the dire consequences of this far too often and earned the NSSA (National Social Security Advisor) certificate so that she could better guide and help her clients understand their options. Tabitha believes that there is no perfect path and that each beneficiary has different needs and goals. Tabitha’s unique approach is to take a holistic view of each client’s needs, goals and income levels and help them develop a plan that fully optimizes their best choices. Tabitha is known for her kindness and educational focus and is a stark contrast to the harsh bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration.

Women are disproportionately in poverty compared to men when it comes to retirement income. Tabitha described some of the reason why and how women can make sure they are taking advantage of all their benefits.

Retirement doesn't have to be confusing!


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